by: Zildjian

by: Fugi

by: Apollo22
-9 Mornings
-Complicated Cupid
-Make Me Believe
-The Devil Beside Me
-The Right Time

-Ikaw Ang Aking Pangarap

-Part of Me
by: Lui
-One Message Received
-Shufflin' Book 1
-Twisted Fate
by: Dylan Kyle
-Ang Best Friend Kong Lover Book 1
-Ang Best Friend Kong Lover Book 2
-Bullets For My Valentines
-Campus Figure
-If I Let You Go
by: Mikejuha

by: Alexander

by: Gelo

by: Cielitoe

by: Inaro Marcelo

by: Menalipo Ultramar

by: v_i_nce
-Ang Kuya Kong Crush Ng Bayan
-Idol Ko Si Sir Book 1
-Idol Ko Si Sir Book 2
-Si Utol at ang Chatmate ko
-Tol.....I Love You
-Si Rodel at ang Aking Pangarap
-Parrafle na Pag-ibig
-Bulag na Pag-ibig
-Puno ng Pag-ibig
-Munting Lihim

-Inihaw na Pag-ibig

-Exchange of Hearts
-Torn Between Two Lovers

-My Wooden Heart

-Love at First Kiss

-A Dilemma of Love

-Envy Me
by: James Cornejo

by: Eusethadeus
-Ang Simula

-Blinded by the Spotlight
by: senioritoaguas
-Angel of Mine
-Demon Loves Angel
-Forbidden Love
by: iamDaRKDReaMeR
-Anino ng Kahapon
-Nilimot na Pag-ibig
by: Lui
-Anong Pakiramadam ng Walang Maramdaman
-Shufflin' Book 2
-Prelude to a Kiss
by: Jeffrey Paloma
by: Justyn Shawn
-Dream On
by: Daredevil
-Halik ng Pag-ibig
-Mahal Kita
by: White_Pal
-Love Me Like I Am Book 1
-Love Me Like I Am Book 2
by: unbroken
-Ang Mang-aagaw
by: James W
-Ikaw ang Puso ko, Ikaw naman ang -Buhay ko
by: Jayson S Patalinghug

by: gmore

by: emray

-Engkantadong Gubat

-Endorsed to Love
-Wish Kiss
-Beautiful Andrew

by: lilvincy
-The Best Thing I Ever Had
by: Rogue Mercado
-Way Back Into Love
-The Accidental Crossdresser
-Chakka: Inibig Mo'y Pangit
-Everything I Have
-Nang Lumuhod si Father
by: Chris Li
-Strange Love
by: Chan Erange
-Mr. Sunshine Meets Mr. Gloom
by: Dalisay

by: bx_35

by: emray

by: Jubal Leon Saltshaker
-Kung kaya mo ng Sabihing Mahal mo Ako
-Mt. Romelo Nights
-Task Force Enigma: Rovi Yuno
-The Martyr, The Stupid and The Flirt
-The Newbie, The Sophomore and The Veteran
-The Encounter with the Flirt
-One More Chance
-Task Force Enigma: Cody Unabia
-Earl and the Grumpy Flirt named Ronnie
-The One Who could not be Taken

-Dos Tiempos

-No Boundaries
-Forbidden Kiss

-Songs we used to Sing
by: K.G. Fadriquella
-Super Luna
-Fresh Start
by: Migs
-Love at it’s Best
-Against All Odds
-Breaking Boundaries
-Taking Chances
-Different Similarities
-Chasing Pavements
-The Things that Dreams are made of
by: (ash) erwanreid

by: Ako_si_3rd
-Flickering Light
-Ivan: My Love, My Enemy
-Rico: Mr. Never Give Up
-True Love Waits

Unexpected Love
by: Andrey
Break Shot
by: joshX
In Love with Brando
by: Qvallata

by: George Castillo
The Diary of Me: Treacherous

When a Gay Man Loves
by: El Cuentacuentos
by: Jace ofcards
Shooting Stars
by: Caleb Uriel Tan

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